LightSpaceTime Seascape Exhibition 2020

My drawing of the famous Lyme Regis Cobb was given a ‘Special Recognition’ award in this year’s LightSpaceTime Seascape exhibition. There’s a lot of great work in the exhibition and I was very flattered to be included in it.

The Cobb, Lyme Regis. Pencil on paper, A3

The Cobb forms part of the little harbour at Lyme Regis. The harbour is still used by local fishing boats. When I took the photo this drawing is based on, it was an unseasonably warm day in November. Farther along on the beach there were people swimming. The sea was so calm. The Cobb is hundreds of years old but the cliffs in the background, part of the Jurassic Coast, are hundreds of millions of years old. This is a place that is constantly being changed by the weather yet has been a constant presence throughout history.

I have the original available for sale as well as prints, cards and postcards. If you’re interested please contact me directly or alternatively take a look at my Etsy shop.

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