Drawing Diary 10 April 2019 : Weymouth Bay, Evening Light

This last week I completed my Weymouth Bay drawing and I’m quite pleased with it. My favourite paintings are those that capture the light and sense of place of a scene and I’ve been wanting to try to do something similar with my drawing. To do that with my picture I used a lot of cross-hatching, rather than smooth shading, to try to get a feeling of movement, of a dynamic sea and sky. I also made sure I didn’t touch some parts of the paper at all. Once the paper’s been marked it loses its brightness even if the mark is erased. For once, the end result is fairly close to what I wanted.

Weymouth Bay, Evening Light. Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils on Derwent heavyweight smooth cartridge paper, A3

When I finish one of these Dorset drawings I take it to a local printers to be scanned and then made into cards and prints. The person I work with at the printers is currently on holiday so this is a photo of the drawing, taken before I’d signed it. I’ll hopefully have prints and cards available in a couple of weeks.

I also finished a fourth Dorset mini.

Towards White Nothe. Palomino Blackwing pencil on a postcard

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