Beautiful Pictures in Pencil

Custom artwork in graphite pencil. Prices start from £55 for an A5 picture or £80 for A4. Larger pictures available.


You supply a photo of something or someone that’s special


Ian creates a drawing and sends it to you.


You pay as much as the drawing is worth to you!

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About Ian

Ian has been drawing all his life. That's a long time.
Ian Hedley

Ian Hedley

Pencil Artist

I love the intimacy of drawing with pencil: every line, every mark travels from the eye to the paper through the pencil.

Get in Touch

Take the first step towards having your beautiful pencil artwork by contacting Ian now. There's nothing to pay until you've received the finished drawing and then you pay as much as it's worth. (It really is pay what you like but if you feel more comfortable with a guide price, A5 pictures tend to go for around £40 to £60 and A4 for around £50 to £90.)